Car and Motor GPS Tracker

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Car and Motor GPS Tracker
An ultra modern GPS Tracking devices. With a point to point location of vehicles on the map
as it moves. The current state of the Vehicle movement, parked and location is shown using
map markers. Comes with an app, user friendly interface and works on all android and iOS devices.

-Monitor location and position of Vehicle
-Switch on/off engine from Phone or PC. (This features help to shut down and start engine via app)
-Monitor from Phone, Tablet, PC, worldwide.
-Listen and record conversations and replay past vehicle movements.
-No monthly fees.
-Android & iOS compatible.
-Mobile installation available nationwide.
-Quality installation available. Professional work guaranteed.
-1 year warranty.

Prevent theft
Improve supervision and safety
Improve Clents service
Reduce fuel consumption
Increase sales and revenue

Installation takes a maximum of 30mins. Our well trained Auto-electricians are
ready to install anywhere in Ghana

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